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Sophie designed these custom “NVR4GET” laces as part of her Mitzvah Project. This past year at Hebrew school Sophie learned that very few children under 16 survived the Holocaust. The number of children killed during the Holocaust is not fathomable and full statistics for the tragic fate of children who died will never be known. Some estimates range as high as 1.5 million murdered children. Sophie met four survivors who were children during the Holocaust and listened to their testimonies. Each survivor told Sophie that many times it was easier to give up than it was to survive during the war. It was their faith, courage and strength that helped them to survive.

Sophie learned that it is her duty and responsibility as a Jew to pass on these important memories so that WE NEVER FORGET. We must always remember, even during a simcha like a Bat Mitzvah, the obstacles our ancestors had to overcome so that it can never happen again. We must always stand up for others when we see someone doing something wrong to another person.

For her Mitzvah Project Sophie will be designing and selling these NVR4GET laces and donating the proceeds to the United States National Holocaust Memorial Museum. Wear these laces to “tie” our community together and honor the children of the Holocaust.

If you would like to purchase a pair of NVR4GET please email SOPH@SOPHBEACH.COM or send a $10 check payable to Sophie Rubin Mitzvah Project.